Abstract Of Title Definition

A summary of the history of all legally registered ownership interests in a property.
American Heritage
A brief history of the ownership of a piece of real estate, from the original grant through the present holder, including a statement of liens to which it may be subject.
Webster's New World
A short history or summary of the ownership of a parcel of land. The abstract includes a list of all conveyances, transfers, and other evidence of title; all grants, conveyances, wills, records, and judicial proceedings that may affect title; and a list of encumbrances and liens of record on the land, along with a statement whether the encumbrances and liens still exist. A company whose business is to obtain such information from public records usually does such an abstract for the mortgagee or buyer of real property in connection with a proposed sale of land. See also chain of title.
Webster's New World Law

(law, real estate) An epitome of the evidences of ownership; the condensed history of title to a particular parcel of real estate, with encumberances.


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