Sentence Examples

  • Without regular sleep and good eating habits, the body's natural defenses begin to break down and this leads to a higher incidence rate of colds and flu which can contribute to absenteeism, lack of sleep and grouchiness.
  • Studies show that 15 percent of the workforce account for the majority of absenteeism, which can cost an employer in lost wages that add up quickly.
  • The common cold is the most frequent viral infection in the general population, causing more absenteeism from school or work than any other illness.
  • The Employee Assistance Report, 2001, reported if 5 percent of employees used EAPs, the potential monetary savings would be 3.45 percent of payroll for absenteeism and improved productivity.
  • The crime of "plurality," the holding by one cleric of two or more benefices, was especially attacked, as also clerical absenteeism and ignorance, and laxity in the monastic life.