Sentence Examples

  • The great thing about exercises for the lower abs is that they can usually be done quite efficiently and effectively without any equipment at all, although many people claim that certain equipment can speed up toning exponentially.
  • While corsets take care of shaping the upper body, girdles shape the lower body, squeezing the hips and lower abs and lifting the buttocks in a way that could give the impression that the wearer has a mild obsession with Pilates.
  • Likewise, blue collar workers benefit greatly from core training (abs, lower back, hips) since this is the best insurance policy there is against back pain and injuries caused by insufficient muscular support when lifting things.
  • Whether your goal is to obtain completely flat abs by losing the layer of fat, or if you're really looking for killer washboard abs, you can reach either goal by exercising your abs regularly and obtaining a healthy body weight.
  • The washboard abs were flat, even when he was seated.