Sentence Examples

  • Sqq.); even Solomon visited the sanctuary at Gibeon, and Absalom vowed his vow unto Yahweh at Hebron.
  • The severe impartiality of the sacred historian has concealed no feature in this dark picture, - the brutal passion of Amnon, the shameless counsel of the wily Jonadab, the " black scowl " 1 that rested on the face of Absalom through two long years of meditated revenge, the panic of the court when the blow was struck and Amnon was assassinated in the midst of his brethren.
  • Not until five years had elapsed was Absalom fully reconciled with his father.
  • Arrangements had been made for the simultaneous proclamation of Absalom in all parts of the land.
  • He was warmly received by the Gileadites, and the first battle destroyed the party of Absalom, who was himself captured and slain by Joab.