Sentence Examples

  • In 1387 he is again found among the abbreviators, and in 1395 Pope Boniface IX.
  • Paul endeavoured to make drastic reforms in the curia, and abolished the college of abbreviators (1466), but this called forth violent protests from the historian Platina, one of their number and subsequently librarian under Sixtus IV., who is responsible for the fiction that Paul was an illiterate persecutor of learning.
  • ABBREVIATORS, a body of writers in the papal chancery, whose business was to sketch out and prepare in due form the pope's bulls, briefs and consistorial decrees before these are written out in extenso by the scriptores.
  • After the protonotaries left the sketching of the minutes to the abbreviators, those de Farce majori, who ranked as prelates, were the most important officers of the apostolic chancery.