Sentence Examples

  • Abil-Abbs 1 habit al Hanafi, 2 19224 (834839).
  • During his absence his son Abbs revolted in Egypt; on the news of his fathers return he fled to Barca, whence he endeavoured to conquer the Aghlabite dominions in the Maghrib; he was, however, defeated by the Aghlabite ruler, and returned to Barca, where he was again defeated by his fathers forces and taken prisoner.
  • This vizier was presently assassinated by the direction of his stepson Abbs, who was raised to the vizierate in his place.
  • Abbs was killed by the Franks near Ascalon, his son sent in a cage to Cairo where he was executed, while lJsmah escaped to Damascus, The infant Fgiz, who had been permanently incapacitated by the scenes of violence which accompanied his accession, died in i16o.
  • 180; the greater Nashi (Abu l-Abbs Abdallah), d.

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