Sentence Examples

  • On the 2nd of March 1834, Greeley and Winchester issued the first number of The New Yorker, a weekly literary and news paper, the firm then supposing itself to be worth about $3000.
  • He continued The New Yorker, and travelled between Albany and New York each week to edit the two papers.
  • By the end of the third year The New Yorker had reached a circulation of 9500 copies, and had sustained a total loss of $7000.
  • During the publication of The New Yorker he added to the scanty income which the job printing brought him by supplying editorials to the short-lived Daily Whig and various other publications.
  • In September 1841 Greeley merged his weekly papers, The Log Cabin and The New Yorker, into The Weekly Tribune, which soon attained as wide circulation as its predecessors, and was much more profitable.