Sentence Examples

  • "PHILLIP SNOWDEN (1864-), British Labour politician, was born at Cowling, Yorks, July 18 1864.
  • The revulsion only came when the queen, victorious after the rout of Ludford, Supp,~sapplied to the vanquished Yorkists those penalties of sion of confiscation and attainder which Duke Richard ~had Yorks always refused to employ in his day of power.
  • But it was not his Richard death that was the main misfortune, but the fact slain, that in the battle the Lancastrians gave no quarter to small or great, and that after it they put to death Yorks brother-in-law Salisbury and other prisoners.
  • Sometimes Danby was allowed to do as he liked, and the marriage of the duke of Yorks eldest daughter Mary to her cousin the prince of Orange was the most lasting result of his administration.
  • Being the husband of the duke of Yorks daughter, he had an understanding in this country with Sunderland, Godolphin and Templea party whose success was retarded for several years by the intrigues of Shaftesbury.