Sentence Examples

  • Although the threat of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is always worrisome for parents, the statistics have plummeted significantly since the early eighties.
  • However, adults can better handle a vitamin D deficiency than children, so their symptoms of osteomalacia may not seem as worrisome, acute or pressing.
  • Another worrisome aspect of using offshore SEO is the difference in laws - many overseas companies have different standards of copyright and licensing laws, which can come back and reflect badly on your firm.
  • On the other hand, amenorrhea associated with glandular disturbances, tumors, genetic or anatomical abnormalities, diabetes, or other systemic disorders is part of a larger and more worrisome picture.
  • This suggestion may seem a little worrisome to you considering the recent wet cat food recall, but you should be able to find a brand that is not on the list.