Sentence Examples

  • Raquel Welch: Actress Raquel Welch showcased her lovely legs in movies such as One Million Years B.C., where she played a cave woman who walked around in little more than an animal-skin bikini.
  • Jonathan looked confident atop a Welch gelding.
  • Catherine Welch, in The Little Dauphin (1908) gives a résumé of the various sides of the question.
  • Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Welch poisoned the mind of Colonel Oglethorpe against the brothers for a time.
  • Welch produced oedema of the lungs experimentally by increasing the pressure in the pulmonary vessels by ligature of the aorta and its branches, but this raised the blood pressure only about one-tenth of an atmosphere, while in some of Loeb's experiments the osmotic pressure, due to retained metabolic products, was equal to over thirty atmospheres.