Sentence Examples

  • Skateboard and U-turn - Watch the Zhu Zhu Pet do some moves in its U-turn skateboard park.
  • Zhu Zhu pets deluxe city sky mall set includes two hamsters, a Metro Lift Elevator, Mall Pet Shop, Overpass Tunnels, U-turn, Y-intersection, Red Sports Car with garage, either a Fashion Boutique or Hair Salon, and a Movie Theater.
  • Because of the "u-turn" nature of this course, there are several opportunities to shoot in the gaps that you produce and gain yourself bonus points, but beware of accidentally missing and getting yourself in more trouble.
  • U-Turn: This follows a detour clue and requires the team who receives it to go back and complete the challenge that was not originally chosen or completed.
  • In the early morning hours of September 25, 2007, Sutherland was stopped in Los Angeles, California, for making an illegal U-turn.