Sentence Examples

  • In 1856 President Ignacio Comonfort invited tenders for drainage works conditional on the use of waste waters for irrigation purposes, and the plan executed consists of a canal and tunnel 43 m.
  • They are celebrated for their excellence as gardeners, agriculturists, cattle-tenders and artisans.
  • There are small silver and copper coins, which are legal tenders for amounts not exceeding two dollars and one dollar respectively.
  • Tenders were strictly enforced in letting government property and contracts; a largely increased revenue was applied on water supply, drainage and other works.
  • The second line of twenty galleys, under the command of Benedetto Giacaria (or Zaccharie), was placed so far behind the first that the Pisans could not see whether it was made up of war-vessels or of small craft meant to act as tenders to the others.