Sentence Examples

  • Standing as the first specialty performance-geared skate shoe, DC shoes were specifically designed to streamline stunts and improve overall skate performance, following the same concept behind the Jordan basketball shoes.
  • Aquablade Recordbreaker: The least expensive of all Speedo's professional suits, it's a simple tank offering low drag and stripes that create a channeling effect so as to streamline water away from you.
  • You want to be learning from coaches who have already honed a particular move to perfection and can grant a squad every instructional detail to streamline the safety of a challenging stunt.
  • On the other hand, a wallet can streamline the contents of a purse nicely, keep everything neat and in its rightful place and make life much easier for those who tend to carry heavy loads.
  • A consolidation loan can be a fresh start for your finances and allow you to streamline your bill paying, but if used frivolously you can wind up in a worse situation than you began with.