Sentence Examples

  • As military riders use the curb only the position of snaffle and curb as just explained is reversed in the cavalry service.
  • Assuming that a double-reined bridle is used, the third finger of the left hand should be first inserted between the snaffle reins; then the little, third and second fingers should be between the curb reins, the two outside reins being the curb, and the two inside ones the snaffle.
  • The snaffle reins should be drawn up gently until the rider feels that he has an equal and light hold of his horse's mouth on both sides, with just so much pressure that the slightest movement of the left or right rein would cause him to turn to the left or right respectively.
  • Sport: "Snaffle," In the Land of the Bora (London,1897).
  • Another hussar also rushed toward the horse, but Bondarenko had already thrown the reins of the snaffle bridle over the horse's head.