Sentence Examples

  • His years in the pawn business have also given him a healthy dose of skepticism and street smarts, which he uses to ferret out the less than honest customers.
  • And, since New Yorkers are famous for their skepticism, it should come as no surprise that available men and women who post photographic evidence of their attractiveness will get more attention.
  • There is a Greek chorus of skepticism regarding the wine rating system, the criteria of the restaurant awards passed out by the magazine every year, its objectivity, its arrogance, and ultimately its bully pulpit influence.
  • In a world where digital information reigns supreme, the lack of a web presence may be viewed with some skepticism, especially for those wanting to research exercise equipment before a major purchase.
  • Whatever the reason and skepticism aside, Matt has made a great impact on the Internet generation, and continues to do so with his speaking engagements and enduring online charm.