Sentence Examples

  • If you don't plan on doing any "tricks", and are just using the skateboard to get yourself around campus or around town, you should look into getting bigger boards because they provide the most stability, balance, and control.
  • His father provided unwavering support, driving him to numerous skate contests in California, building skate ramps and even founding the California Amateur Skateboard League and the National Skateboard Association.
  • Since the balance board is about the size of a skateboard, it seemed only natural for a skateboard game to make its way to the Wii, utilizing the balance board to simulate skateboarding movement.
  • Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship: An avid skateboarder who participates in skateboarding awareness activities would have a good chance of winning this scholarship.
  • Perhaps you're a lazy punk and you can't be bothered to sail over to Hot Topic on your environmentally-friendly skateboard for offensive pins and shoe accessories.