Sentence Examples

  • None of the magnificence of the Buddhist temple belongs to the Shinto shrine.
  • Much more memorable, however, was a library formed by Iyeyasus grandson the feudal chief of Mito (1662I 700), who not only collected a vast quantity of books hitherto scattered among Shinto and Buddhist monasteries and private houses, but also employed a number of scholars to compile a history unprecedented in magnitude, the Dai-Nihon-shi.
  • They are designated by the same name, shin; and they are in The Japanese name is tsuchi, " heaven and earth," a translation of the Chinese ten-chi, Aston, Shinto (1 9 o 5), p. 35.
  • 13 and 14, with Shinto rites, at Moyayama, near Kioto, and, in addition to the presence of special ambassadors from the foreign Powers, a guard of honour from the British navy testified to the alliance between the two island empires of East and West.
  • 810, a celebrated Buddhist priest, Kkai, who had spent several years studying in China, compounded out of Buddhism, Confucianism and ShintO a system of doctrine called Ryobu Shinto (Dual Shinto), the prominent tenet of which was that the ShintO deities were merely transmigrations of Buddhist divinities.