Sentence Examples

  • Described as a potent amalgamation of hard rock, psychedelia, jangle pop and grunge, the distinctive crunch of DeLeo's guitar licks serve as the engine that will drive STP into the legendary annals of American music.
  • In large part due to guitarist Dean DeLeo, Stone Temple Pilots (STP) has carved a niche into the United States' thriving music industry and fueled the amateur musician's desire to emulate their style of rock music.
  • They soon realized their dirty Shirley Temple band name wasn't very radio or record label friendly, but they did like the STP initials that that name had.
  • In turn, STP planned a much more extensive tour and planned to head back to the studio to record a new album.
  • In 1992, STP signed with Atlantic Records and released their premiere album, Core, later that year.