Sctp Definition


The simplest form of shielded twisted pair (STP) copper cable, ScTP comprises multiple insulated pairs enclosed in a common metallic shield that is encased in a thermoplastic cable jacket.The shield typically consists of helically or longitudinally applied plastic and aluminum laminated solid tape, although it may consist of a woven mesh, and steel or copper also may be used. An uninsulated steel or tinned copper conductor in contact with the shield serves as a drain wire, ensuring that the continuity of the shield remains intact in the event that the tape is broken or cracked.The shield absorbs ambient energy and conducts it to ground through the drain wire, thereby protecting the signal transmitted through the center conductors. The shield also serves to confine the electromagnetic field associated with the transmitted signal within the core conductors, thereby reducing signal loss and maintaining signal strength over a longer distance. See also Cat 6, STP, and UTP.

Webster's New World Telecom