Sentence Examples

  • Your nonprofit simply needs to sign up to participate in a gift card fundraising program offered through a reputable company like or Great Lakes Scrip Center.
  • Auctions - Auction off inexpensive donated items, having residents pay with scrip or donate the proceeds to a charity.
  • Civil servants, who were paid in this depreciated scrip, suffered considerable distress.
  • " And so, literally with " neither bread nor scrip," they went forth on their pilgrimage, and, incredible as it sounds, within ten years they had established missions in the islands of the West Indies, in South America, Surinam, Greenland, among the North American tribes, in Lapland, Tartary, Algiers, Guinea, the Cape of Good Hope and Ceylon.
  • In the case of all quasi-public corporations rigid laws exist prohibiting the issue of stock or bonds unless the par value is first paid in; prohibiting the declaration of any stock or scrip dividend, and requiring that new stock shall be offered to stockholders at not less than its market value, to be determined by the proper state officials, any shares not so subscribed for to be sold by public auction.