Sentence Examples

  • ANAD (The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) offers a panoply of services for those who need information or help with eating disorders.
  • Detailed environments, a panoply of futuristic weapons and foes, and multiple player-driveable vehicles provide the enticements.
  • Children in this stage understand the panoply of religious or divine beings within the religious belief system.
  • There was ice everywhere, a panoply of shapes and forms.
  • He now became a " squire of the body," and truly an " armiger " or " scutifer," for he bore the shield and armour of his leader to the field, and, what was a task of no small difficulty and hazard, cased and secured him in his panoply of war before assisting him to mount his courser or charger.