Sentence Examples

  • In addition to the accounts of President Barack Obama, Rick Sanchez and Britney Spears, the members of Digital Gangster hacked into the Twitter accounts of Fox News, CBS News and Digg founder Kevin Rose.
  • When President Obama ran for office in 2008, he promised a change in the health care system, but unfortunately, millions of Americans were still left without a simple explanation of health care reform.
  • However, while not all celebrity activists may have made their donations yet, according to the database, celebrity activist Barbra Streisand donated $2,300 to each of Obama and Clinton's campaigns.
  • That said, there are many who would argue that social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook helped Obama win the election, because they gave him more credibility with younger voters.
  • However, even before Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States in Washington D.C., his young daughters captured the attention of the world's leading fashion editors.