Sentence Examples

  • Joe Clark recently played homage to the CSS Samurai by starting a WCAG samurai focusing on web accessibility.
  • In Japan of the 12th century, samurai warriors were well versed in the arts, and might easily have used origami during the course of Shinto worship or as a form of artistic expression.
  • He has appeared in more than 30 television and film roles, and produced several shows and movies, including Vanilla Sky, the Mission Impossible trilogy, The Last Samurai, and Elizabethtown.
  • First developed by Denbei Shoami, a master metalsmith from the Akita prefecture, mokume gane was originally used to decorate samurai swords to symbolize wealth and status.
  • Mokume gane engagement rings are distinctive Asian designs patterned after samurai sword embellishments that use several different types of metals fused together to create intricate patterns within the ring itself.