Sentence Examples

  • T, tentacles; oc, ocelli.
  • We can distinguish (I) digestive endoderm, in the stomach, often with special glandular elements; (2) circu-, latory endoderm, in the radial and ring canals; (3) supporting endoderm in the axes of the tentacles and in the endodermlamella; the latter is primitively a double layer of cells, produced by concrescence OC-- = w.?"
  • In using benzoyl chloride in this reaction the condensation is found to proceed better if a little ammonium chloride be added: 2C6H5 CNd-C6H5.0001 C6H5 C Cl OC C6H5 6 H 5 N C(C6H5):N The cyanidines behave as weak bases.
  • Also since dx has been stretched to +dy p&,(dx +dy) =po&odx or p&'(I +dy/dx) = (29) Substituting from (28) in (27) Y&a + P(2)U 2 (I + dy (3) 2 = p oc?oU 2, 0) and substituting from (29) in (30) Y&ao dx + pocZoU 2 + dx) = p owoU 2, (31) whence Yc = powoU2, or U2 = Y/ p, (32) where now p is the normal density of the rod.
  • II) whose centre is 0, AC its chord, and HK the tangent drawn at the middle point of the arc and bounded by OA, OC produced, then, according to Archimedes, AMC< HK, but > AC. In modern trigonometrical notation the propositions to be compared stand as follows: 2 tan 20 >2 sin 28 (Archimedes); tan 10+2 sin 3B>0> 3 sin B (Snell).