Sentence Examples

  • Nudist writing commonly begins with cross-cultural and historical examples demonstrating the relativity of shame and modesty, before proceeding to expound the psychological, moral, social, and physical benefits of nudity.
  • According to a 2002 study done by the Parental Television Council called Harsh Reality, nudity is the "second most common type of sexual content on reality TV shows" and that Big Brother and The Surreal Life were the worst offenders.
  • Additionally, potentially objectionable subject matter, such as violence, nudity, sex, profanity, and other topics might be perceived by some parents as acceptable in some contexts and completely inappropriate in others.
  • 16; presages recovery or death of patients); (4) the pelican (recalls its young to life by its own blood); (5) the owl (or nyktikorax; loves darkness and solitude); (6) the eagle (renews its youth by sunlight and bathing in a fountain); (7) the phoenix (revives from fire); (8) the hoopoe (redeems its parents from the ills of old age); (9) the wild ass (suffers no male besides itself); (1 o) the viper (born at the cost of both its parents' death); (I I) the serpent (sheds its skin; puts aside its venom before drinking; is afraid of man in a state of nudity; hides its head and abandons the rest of its body); (12) the ant (orderly and laborious; prevents stored grain from germinating; distinguishes wheat from barley on the stalk); (13) the sirens and onocentaurs (Isa.
  • Another point of interest lies in the difference of outlook with which nudity is regarded by the English and Japanese.