Sentence Examples

  • If you absolutely must wear socks with your casual wear during spring and summer, choose a pair of ankle-skimming socks and wear them with something that covers your entire foot, such as a moccasin.
  • Traditional: When it comes time to buy a traditional moccasin, look no further than the shoes in this category; all of them offer a sturdy rubber heel, with contour cushioning, detailed, insoles.
  • In fact, the Shorey family (the owners of the Quoddy name) have been in the moccasin business since Harry Smith Shorey was a hand sewer for L.L. Bean all the way back in the early 1900s.
  • Indian Words, Like Moccasin And Toboggan, Are Often Introduced.
  • The moccasin-snake ranges fromMassachusetts and Kansas to Florida and Texas and into Mexico, preferring swampy localities or meadows with high grass, where it hunts for small mammals and birds.