Sentence Examples

  • In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Basilides saw the proof of naturam sine radice et sine loco rebus supervenientem (Acta Archelai).
  • 6 seq., the most full is Tholuck's Disputatio christologica de loco Pauli, Phil.
  • See in loco in the following English or translated histories of the life or time of Jesus, Theodor Keim, E.
  • According to his own statement in De vetere testamento, written about loco, he had at that period translated the Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, Kings, Job, Esther, Judith and the Maccabees.
  • If the motion were that of a body at white heat, or say a temperature of loco, the velocity of mean square would be 39co metres per second and the apparent width of the band would be doubled.