Sentence Examples

  • The concession was ceded to Messrs Lynch, of London, The Persian Road and Transport Company, in 1903.
  • But after the Piedmontese defeats in Lombardy, and the armistice by which King Charles Albert abandoned Lombardy and Venetia to Austria, the Venetians attempted to lynch the royal commissioners, whose lives Manin saved with difficulty; an assembly was summoned, and a triumvirate formed with Manin at its head.
  • Lynch, Narrative of the U.S. Expedition, &c. (1849); H.
  • Through varied instruments - lynch law, popular courts, vigilance committees - order was, however, enforced, better as times went on, until there was a stable condition of things.
  • During the night of the 23rd of April, and whilst the " Blanco Encalada " was lying quietly at anchor, a torpedo boat called the " Almirante Lynch," belonging to the Balmaceda faction, steamed into the bay of Caldera and discharged a torpedo at the rebel ship. The " Blanco Encalada " sank in a few minutes and 300 of her crew perished.