Sentence Examples

  • Karay was a shaggy old dog with a hanging jowl, famous for having tackled a big wolf unaided.
  • They are shorter in the heads and legs, and fuller at the jowl, thicker and more compact in the body.
  • The head is long, light in the jowl, and wide between the eyes, with long thin ears inclined slightly forward and fringed with long fine hair.
  • The head and legs are very short, and the body short, thick and wide; the jowl is heavy, the ears pricked, and the thin skin laden with long silky, wavy, but not curly, hair, whilst the tail is very fine.
  • It has a moderately short head with heavy jowl, a deep, compact carcase, and wide, low and well-developed hind-quarters, with heavy hams. The skin carries an abundance of fine hair.