Sentence Examples

  • His election caused considerable surprise, and it is suggested by Ammianus Marcellinus that he was wrongly identified with another Jovian, chief notary, whose name also had been put forward, or that, during the acclamations, the soldiers mistook the name Jovianus for Julianus, and imagined that the latter had recovered from his illness.
  • Jovian at once continued the retreat begun by Julian, and succeeded, continually harassed by the Persians, in reaching the banks of the Tigris, where a humiliating treaty was concluded with the Persian king, Shapur II.
  • During his return to Constantinople Jovian was found dead in his bed at Dadastana, halfway between Ancyra and Nicaea.
  • Under Jovian, Christianity was established as the state religion, and the Labarum of Constantine again became the standard of the army.
  • Jovian entertained a great regard for Athanasius, whom he reinstated on the archiepiscopal throne, desiring him to draw up a statement of the Catholic faith.