Sentence Examples

  • One species occurs in Baluchistan, which is perhaps outside of the Indian region, but the fact of its being found there may be a reason for including that country within the region, just as the presence of another species in the Jordan valley induces zoographers to regard the Ghor as an outlier of the Ethiopian region.
  • Then if U is the potential outside the surface due to this electric charge inside alone, and V that due to the opposite charge it induces on the inside of the metal surface, we must have U+V =O or U = - V at all points outside the earthed metal surface.
  • Summer fallowing is, however, subject to one drawback: the strong growth which it induces is apt to retard the ripening of the grain.
  • Trance speaking, on the other hand, may be found in any stage of culture and there is no doubt that in many cases the procedure of the magician or shaman induces a state of autohypnotism; at a higher stage these utterances are termed oracles and are believed :o be the result of inspiration.
  • - In the one case the stimulus induces indefinite variation, in the other definite; but no hard-and-fast line can be drawn between them.