Sentence Examples

  • The end by which the parasites join is typically, in the case of Trypanosoma, the non-flagellate (anterior) end.
  • In any case the nephridia which occupy the segments of the body generally are first of all represented by paired structures, the "pronephridia," in which the funnel is composed of but one cell, which is flagellate.
  • - Portion;of the body-wall of Hydra, showing ectoderm cells above, separated by " structureless lamella " from three flagellate endoderm cells below.
  • Most cases these granules are, if not confined to, chiefly distributed in the posterior (flagellate) half of the body (figs.
  • Rogers cultivated the parasites obtained from cases of kala-azar in artificial media, and found that what were unmistakably flagellate ©o