Sentence Examples

  • IP Phones - These look just like regular phones but use an RJ-45 Ethernet connectors and have resident hardware and software to connect directly to a router for making calls.
  • With the increased use of the non-computer Internet available, most televisions include some sort of embedded software where you can hook up an Ethernet or wireless adapter and have Internet connected to the TV.
  • Plugging your Xbox in directly with an Ethernet cable gives you a more consistent speed, but your constrained by that same Ethernet cable if you need to place your Xbox in another room.
  • With laptops, you are usually restricted to Wi-Fi (or a wired Ethernet connection) to gain access to the Internet, but it is also possible to use cellular phone technology as well.
  • Now if there is one person who invented anything related to the Internet, then Robert Metcalfe is credited with creating Ethernet, used by any networked computer.