Sentence Examples

  • It has been erroneously represented by interested persons that the Pharmaceutical Society desires a monopoly of the sale of poisons.
  • The bite, for example, of large species of the family Aviculariidae, sometimes called Mygales, and sometimes, but erroneously, known as tarantulas, species which have fangs half an inch long and as sharp as needles and a considerable quantity of poison, may be very painful, though seldom serious provided the health of the patient be good.
  • According to the former, all gods are but men; or, some men have been erroneously supposed to become gods.
  • These bodies had been erroneously supposed by Newport (12) and other observers to be glandular outgrowths of the alimentary canal.
  • These waters had been erroneously taken for parts of one vast horseshoe or sickle shaped lake, only some 20 m.