Sentence Examples

  • Marilyn Monroe made the halter dress popular with her stunning white ensemble that is the inspiration for costumes like the one featured on Fierce Costumes but you don't have to opt for a costume to get a glamorous look.
  • Labels such as Biscotti, Baby CZ, D&G and Chloe manufacture adorable, high quality designs, none of which are particularly over-the-top when it comes to fashion, but include just enough pink and ruffles to make an adorable ensemble.
  • While a leopard print ensemble might look a bit too catty, and gingham from head to toe might look a little too schoolgirl, a travel tote or shoulder bag with one of these prints can show off your playful or sweet side without overwhelming.
  • Whether you prefer a basic pair in a neutral color like brown or black, or you're ready to paint the town in a bright red pair of high-heeled boots, you'll find that this footwear insists on being the focal point of your ensemble.
  • The white sandal heels gave the ensemble a dressy look.