Sentence Examples

  • Embittered by his treatment in 1892, he openly preached the advisability of an armed rising to overthrow the existing administration.
  • Sultan Mahmud was to the last degree embittered against the powers which, with lively protestations of friendship, had forced him to humiliate himself before his hated vassal.
  • This totally unexpected defeat greatly embittered him.
  • The period during which the province had been a self-governing colony had been one of steady progress in most directions, but was greatly embittered by the educational policy pursued by General Hertzog.
  • Adams's four years as chief magistrate (1797-1801) were marked by a succession of intrigues which embittered all his later life; they were marked, also, by events, such as the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts, which brought discredit on the Federalist party.