Sentence Examples

  • Homer represents him as dwelling in the Elysian fields (Odyssey, iv.
  • Medea was honoured as a goddess at Corinth, and was said to have become the wife of Achilles in the Elysian fields.
  • The summer, in some climates, makes possible to man a sort of Elysian life.
  • After death, he and his wife were changed into snakes, which watched the tomb while their souls were translated to the Elysian fields.
  • Farther west, on the coast, and provided with a convenient harbour, stands Pozzuoli (Puteoli), a city containing many Roman remains, but now chiefly remarkable for the large gunworks erected by Messrs Armstrong & Co.; and beyond it, round the Bay of Baiae, are Monte Nuovo, a hill thrown up in a single night in September 1538; the classic site of Baiae; the Lucrine Lake; Lake Avernus; the Lake of Fusaro (Acherusia Palus); the Elysian t Fields; and the port and promontory of Misenum.