Sentence Examples

  • Independent artisan jewelers may offer a selection of rings with scalloped elements, or couples may need to investigate custom engagement rings where the scalloped pattern they envision can be specially designed.
  • If that's the case, take some time to consider which wall stencil is right for you based on some other aspects than the pure aesthetic of what a given stencil will look like in the room where you envision it.
  • Having the chance to see a 3-D image of your proposed design ideas, rather than trying to imagine it in your head or envision it with the help of a simple sketch on a piece of paper, is incredibly useful for any design project.
  • When people think of Tuscany, they envision sprawling vineyards: rows of vines, sculpted cypress trees, rambling stone walls, winding dirt roads, weathered farmhouses, moss covered villas, blue skies and bright sun.
  • Keep the rest of your golfing wardrobe in mind when shopping for shoes, and try to envision what the golf shoes you're considering purchasing will look like with the favorite pair of pants you wear when golfing.