Sentence Examples

  • Nothing but the most powerful common interests could have drawn the dissevered halves of Germany together.
  • Greek culture had been the product of the city-state, and Hellenism could not be dissevered from the city.
  • As dissevered from the more complex whole of which they are necessary elements.
  • A common war against a common enemy now appeared the surest means of welding the dissevered halves of Germany together, and for this war Bismarck steadily prepared.
  • It is rather due to an overpowering sense of the value of organization - a sense that liberty can never be dissevered from order, that a vital interconnexion between all the parts of the body politic is the source of all good, so that while he can find nothing but brute weight in an organized public, he can compare the royal person in his ideal form of constitutional monarchy to the dot upon the letter i.

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