Sentence Examples

  • From the very first sentence up until the last, the write up must grab the reader's attention and compel them to disburse funds.
  • To pay legally, the nanny is considered an employee and will need to disburse social security and income taxes.
  • Servicing a mortgage is different from what lenders do when they approve and disburse a mortgage loan; it involves maintaining the mortgage after the initial application and closing process has already occurred.
  • In the 13th century a knight with two squires, one groom, and the requisite horses, had to disburse 82 marks of silver for his passage; while for a single pilgrim the rate was rather less than r mark.
  • There is also a superintendent of schools for each county, and the counties are divided into school districts, each having three directors, who disburse the school funds and have the care of the school property.