Sentence Examples

  • Mehemet Ali replied diplomatically; for, though these offers fell far short of his ambitions, a studious moderation was essential in view of the doubtful attitude of the European powers.
  • For the moment the consequences seemed likely to be serious; but the affair was arranged diplomatically, and the demarcation proceeded up to a point near the Oxus river, beyond which the commission were unable to settle an agreement.
  • When General Edward Braddock arrived in Virginia in February 1755, Washington wrote him a diplomatically worded letter, and was presently made a member 1 Weems was a Protestant Episcopal clergyman, who first published a brief biography of Washington in 1800, and later (1806) considerably expanded it and introduced various apocryphal anecdotes.
  • In 1871 he accompanied Iwakura on an important mission to Europe,, 'which, though diplomatically a failure, resulted in the enlistment of the services of European authorities on military, naval and educational systems.
  • As he coveted Cyprus as well, the feud still went on, Rome continuing to interfere diplomatically but not effectively.