Sentence Examples

  • For the Demiurge now appears as an inferior being, who in reality executes the purposes of the good God.
  • Marcionites, named by Clement of Alexandria Antitactae (revolters against the Demiurge) held the Old Testament economy to be throughout tainted by its source; but they are not accused of licentiousness.
  • They anathematized Mani, yet were dualists and affirmed two principles - one the heavenly Father, who rules not this world but the world to come; the other an evil demiurge, lord and god of this world, who made all flesh.
  • Of course, the earthforming animal is a preternaturally gifted one, and is on the line of development towards that magnified man who, in a later stage, becomes the demiurge.'
  • In some districts the demiurge was called Khnumu; it was he who modelled the egg (of the world?) and also man.'