Sentence Examples

  • Cg, Glandular cells.
  • Which is the ratio of the linear velocity of rotation 2dp to u, the velocity of advance, -T2 d2 C 22 tans = n 2 = 4 = (c 2 - Ct) cg C12 2 W!
  • Again b'c" and CG have each 33 beats per second, yet the latter interval is practically smooth and consonant.
  • The greatest moment CG at C is x(l-x)/l.
  • So that Denoting dx/dt, the horizontal component of the velocity, by q, (49) v cos i =q, equation (43) becomes (50) dq/dt= -r cos i, and therefore by !(48) (51) dq _dq dt ry di - dt di-g' It is convenient to express r as a function of v in the previous notation (52) Cr = f(v), dq _vf(v) di - Cg ' an equation connecting q and i.