Sentence Examples

  • Robert Baillie, the patriot who was executed for conscience' sake (1684), belonged to Jerviswood, an estate on the Mouse.
  • In 1640 Henderson, Baillie, Blair and Gillespie came to London as commissioners from the General Assembly in Scotland, in response to a request from ministers in London who desired to see the Church of England more closely modelled after the Reformed type.
  • He was chosen moderator by acclamation, being, as Baillie says, " incomparablie the ablest man of us all for all things."
  • Unlike the " National Covenant " of 1638, which applied to Scotland only, this document was common to the two kingdoms. Henderson, Baillie, Rutherford and others were sent up to London to represent Scotland in the Assembly at Westminster.
  • On the 7th of August Baillie had written that he had heard that Henderson was dying " most of heartbreak."