Sentence Examples

  • For the history of the archbishopric see Meiller, Regesta archiepiscoporum Salisburgensium, 1106-1246 (Vienna, 1866); Diimmler, Beitrage Zit/ Geschichte des Erzbistums von Salzburg 9-12 Jahr- hundert (Vienna, 1859); the Salzburger Urkundenbuch, edited by W.
  • Trans., 1890); the solution is given by ch nS2=sn w, shnS2=i cn w (II) so that, round the boundary of the polygon, ik = K', sin n8 =o; and on the surface of the vortex 1P= o, q = Q, and cos n8=sn4p,nB= Zit -am sic, (12) the intrinsic equation of the curve.