Sentence Examples

  • In a free chat room you don't have to worry about the money you're wasting on books or beers, and you're probably not stressing about that zit in the middle of your forehead, either.
  • Bursting Zit: Baking a soufflé can be a tough undertaking, but for this recipe it is well worth it.
  • With, you may want to worry about what you're wearing and concealing that zit.
  • For the history of the archbishopric see Meiller, Regesta archiepiscoporum Salisburgensium, 1106-1246 (Vienna, 1866); Diimmler, Beitrage Zit/ Geschichte des Erzbistums von Salzburg 9-12 Jahr- hundert (Vienna, 1859); the Salzburger Urkundenbuch, edited by W.
  • Trans., 1890); the solution is given by ch nS2=sn w, shnS2=i cn w (II) so that, round the boundary of the polygon, ik = K', sin n8 =o; and on the surface of the vortex 1P= o, q = Q, and cos n8=sn4p,nB= Zit -am sic, (12) the intrinsic equation of the curve.