Sentence Examples

  • Of all the ancient books not one was more prized by him than the Yi-king, or " The Book of Changes," the rudiments of which are assigned to Fuh-hi about the 30th century B.C. Those rudiments, however, are merely the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams, composed of a whole and a broken line (, - -), without any text or explanation of them earlier than the rise of the Chow dynasty.
  • He said that if his life were lengthened he would give fifty years to the study of the Yi, and might then be without great faults.
  • In 1844 Minas published a work, avowedly from a MS. with the superscription Galenus, entitled FaXrlvo13 Eiaa'yw yi, &aX€Krucii.
  • 7) be two points of the surface; 0 1, 02 the inclination of the surface to the horizon at P 1 and P2; yi, y2 the heights of P 1 and P2 above the level of the liquid at a distance from all solid bodies.
  • Tension itself Cleanthes defined as a fiery stroke (ii yi irvpos); in his hymn to Zeus lightning is the symbol of divine activity.

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