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  • Williamson was the first to express the opinion that the Bennettitean flowers known as Williamsonia were borne on the trunks which terminated in a crown of pinnate fronds of the type long known as Zamites gigas; this view was regarded by Saporta and others as incorrect, and the nature of the Bennettitean foliage was left an open question.
  • Primary phloem can be recognized with certainty in favourable cases, the question of the formation of secondary phloem by the cambium is not yet fully cleared up. In the Lepidodendron fuliginosum of Williamson, shown by its leaf-bases to have been a Lepidophloios, the secondary wood is very irregular, and consists largely of parenchyma.
  • The structure of a Bothrodendron has recently been investigated and proves to be identical with that of the petrified stem which Williamson named Lepidodendron mundum.
  • Grievii, of Williamson, from the Lower Carboniferous of Scotland.
  • The curious, transversely-ribbed fossils known as Sternbergia or Artisia have proved to be casts of the medullary cavity of Cordaiteae; their true nature was first demonstrated by Williamson in 1850.

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