Sentence Examples

  • It was first employed in the case of steam by Peabody as a means of estimating the wetness of saturated steam, which is an important factor in testing the performance of an engine.
  • It is evident that this is a very delicate method of determining the wetness z, but, since with dry saturated steam at low pressures this formula always gives negative values of the wetness, it is clear that Regnault's numerical coefficients must be wrong.
  • The mean value, 0.313 of dH/d0, between loo° and 200° agrees fairly well with Regnault's coefficient 0.305, but it is clear that considerable errors in calculating the wetness of steam or the amount of cylinder condensation would result from assuming this important coefficient to be constant.
  • For this reason observations at different depths in the same locality often give very concordant results for the same period, as the total percolation and the average rate are necessarily nearly the same for the various strata, although the actual degree of wetness of each may vary considerably.
  • Schimperl made a distinct advance when he distinguished between physical and physiological dryness or wetness of the soil.

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