Sentence Examples

  • The soap is now milled in the form of ribbons with the perfume and colouring matter, and the resulting strips are welded into bars by forcing through a heated nozzle.
  • Moshesh, a Bechuana chief of high descent, had welded together a number of scattered and broken clans which had sought refuge in that mountainous region, and had formed of them the Basuto nation.
  • France in 178 9, though its ancient provincial boundaries survived, had long since been welded into a nation conscious of its common interests; Russia remains a vast empire, composed of the most heterogeneous, sometimes even mutually hostile, elements., whose antagonisms were bound to be an element of weakness in any assembly truly representative of all sections of the people.
  • Long, even suggesting that several of them might be welded together end to end to form considerable lengths.
  • Moses was the first historic individuality who can be said to have welded the Israelite clans into a whole.

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